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Book One

For the past number of years the only books I have read have been technical manuals and training guides.  It’s all a bit necessary when you work in IT.  You have to keep pace with the changes in technology and all that.  Last year I decided I needed to break up the reading with a few non-technical books.  I started with Leviathan Wakes from the excellent The Expanse series written by James S.A. Corey.  I completed the entire set of available books with two more on the way in the next few years.  My intention is to read a few more books this year to break things up a bit from the tech stuff.

Book One for 2018 is Artemis by Andy Weir.

70-697 Success!!

Wow, look at what a bit of focus does!  We took the course about three weeks ago, a couple of weeks of prep, and success on the exam.  I can safely say this was one of the toughest I’ve had to do in a few years.  On to 70-698 and MCSA: Windows 10.

IPViking Live

Take a look at this gem.  They’ve distributed some 8 million sensors out and about in the world that mimic typical devices like ATM’s and POS devices that are regularly under attack by the bad people.  They then take the feedback and present a visual representation.  Very cool!

It’s a Wrap, 2014!

Christmas is upon us and the year is almost a wrap so its time for the recap.  I would say 2014 was quite good with a couple of bumps along the way.  Elke and I are in stable jobs and enjoying them for the most part. Colin has ramped up his school work and is doing an exceptional job.  His artistic skills are better than they’ve ever been.  My odometer clicked over 50 in February.  Ugh, I feel so old….not really.  : )


In May Elke and I jetted off to Iceland for a week.  What Canadian goes to a cold place having just survived the winter in Canada?!  It was fantastic!  Beautiful country, loads of great food, lots of photographs to bring home, along with a few lopapaysa to keep us warm this winter.  The people are super friendly so if you get the chance to see Iceland I say to you GO!


The summer was reasonably good, for Ottawa, not too much cold rainy, a fair amount of hot humid.  I topped last years distance getting just over 1300km on the cycle.  I should have done more but what can one do?  Next year, more!


Colin was off to Germany in July for a visit with family, it was short but he enjoys his travels.

In August Elke and I took a short trip to Quebec City on the train.  Can you beat train travel?  I don’t think so.  It was my first visit and I can certainly say it is a beautiful city.  Such friendly people!  We walked a lot, so many hills!


At the end of October Elke and I flew off to Barcelona so I could attend TechEd Europe 2014.  If you’ve never attended a Microsoft conference you really must.  New motivation to learn PowerShell.  Next year it’s MS Ignite in Chicago.  Worth the trip.  I do work for a great company don’t I?! : )


So for all of you out there Merry Christmas, enjoy time with your families and friends, eat some turkey, see you in 2015!