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PS4 Hijinks

Bought a PS4 from a friend to replace the PS4 in our house which is on its way over to son’s new apartment.  I only have one game on the old one so that should be an easy data transfer right?  Well, first you plug both into the network.  Then you go on the new one and go into settings and select data transfer.  Then you log back into the old one and update the system software.  Then you log back into the new one and deselect all the games you don’t own or play.  Then you proceed with the transfer and it takes 114 minutes and transfers 354GB of data.  Then you login to the old one and shut it down.  Then you login to the new one and put the disk for The Last of Us Part 2 into the drive.  Click on the PS logo, “You must first delete the game from the external storage or attach the external storage to this device”.  Oh, ok, then you login to the old machine and from the menu delete the game from the old device storage.  Then you login to the new machine and click on the “The Last of Us Part 2″ logo and……..”You must first delete the game from the external storage or attach the external storage to this device.  You may also reinstall the game from disk”.  Then you put the install disk into the new devices……nothing happens.  Delete the game from the new device.  Put the install disk back in the new device.  “Installation will take from 15 to 20 minutes”.  Then you delete all the games you deselected when you transferred the one game you wanted. Mmmmmm, ok.  Why do I need to transfer from the old one to the new one again if you’re just going to make me re-install?  Maybe something to do with the external storage?

Book One

For the past number of years the only books I have read have been technical manuals and training guides.  It’s all a bit necessary when you work in IT.  You have to keep pace with the changes in technology and all that.  Last year I decided I needed to break up the reading with a few non-technical books.  I started with Leviathan Wakes from the excellent The Expanse series written by James S.A. Corey.  I completed the entire set of available books with two more on the way in the next few years.  My intention is to read a few more books this year to break things up a bit from the tech stuff.

Book One for 2018 is Artemis by Andy Weir.

70-697 Success!!

Wow, look at what a bit of focus does!  We took the course about three weeks ago, a couple of weeks of prep, and success on the exam.  I can safely say this was one of the toughest I’ve had to do in a few years.  On to 70-698 and MCSA: Windows 10.