A Day of Strolling and Relaxing


A Day of Strolling and Relaxing
Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Today started out nice and slowly. Grabbed a small breakfast, added leisurely showers to that and then it was off to Stuttgart for a day of touring around. We actually began our tour at the Wilhelma, the Stuttgarter zoo, but all the parking places were already taken. Since the place seemed so swamped, we decided to take the tram downtown and start out by grabbing some lunch. Kaesespaetzle and Maultaschen (large local ravioli-type fare) were what we had ordered. The place was somewhat touristy but locals ate there too and the food was well priced and tasty. We then headed towards the central railway station where we made a pit stop at the crepes shack for some crepes stuffed with nutella and bananas. We now had enough “energy” stored up to go for a long walk through the huge city garden. It could maybe be somewhat compared to Central Park in NY in terms of size, at least in length, and in the sense that it’s dotted with little islands of things to see and do. Cafes, the Carl-Zeiss planetarium, bars, outdoor chess, ping pong tables, a fantastic, brand-new playground (great for Colin, of course) made of full-length trees and all kinds of crazy structures for kids to climb on, jump off of and hang from. We ended up walking all the way back to the car, back at the Wilhelma zoo, and then headed back to Wernau to get cleaned up for dinner at a local italian restaurant. Good food was to be had by all, including a delicious shot of Ramazzotti to help the food digest just that little bit better.


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