Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg, Germany

Another trip on the train, this time just a short trip up the line to Bamberg. Like all German towns/cities you usually have to walk a ways to see the cool stuff. The hauptbahnhof is possibly in the centre but you can be certain to find the gems shortly after ditching your pack in a storage locker at the station. We walked about ten minutes to find the town centre and the rathaus perched above the two rivers that bisect the city. Derrin, they’re waiting for you here. Some white water and poles strung above for the kayak crowd were right next to the building. It wasn’t anything special that day, the water, but it rained a lot the days that followed so I can imagine the water was higher and faster. We took some photos of the building then worked our way into the town and through the tourists to get to the good stuff. We walked to the top of one of the hills in the town, almost, to get a look at the residences of the king and one of the cathedrals holding the buriel place of the only pope buried North of the Alps. Saw a creepy bit of finger all dressed up and protected in glass. Apparantly you want a bit of the important person’s body to reside in the place. Ick. It doesn’t matter how many of these places I see they never fail to amaze. A stroll through the rose garden and we went back into town for something to eat. More delicious deserts, more delicious coffee, some resupply at the local apoteke and then onto the train for home. We were out with Uwe for some schnitzel and beer tonight then home for some visiting and off to bed.


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