Stuff Made by Smart People to Help Make Your Life Easier – Part Three

Let’s see, where did I leave off?  This is what happens when life rears its head and tells you things need to be done that don’t included blog entries.

Next up on the list of goodness is a package of tools created by our friends at Microsoft called the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Toolkit.  This toolkit includes just over a dozen tools, client and server based, to help in the day-to-day operation of your Configuration Manager environment and help with troubleshooting should problems arise.  The DP Job Manager and Collection Evaluation Viewer are two highlights but really I think all of these tools are worth a second look if you’re not using them already.

The System Center Configuration Manager Support Center is a tool I have yet to use but look at the cool stuff this thing does.  You’re basically going to run this tool and connect to the problem client machine.  Once connected you can gather up all the logs and settings and look under the hood to see what’s happening and sort out where the problem might be.  It let’s you look at the policies applied to the client so you can see if the actions you’re trying to push to the client are actually happening.  When I first saw this demoed, at TechEd Europe, I immediately thought of some work done recently trying to troubleshoot a client machine where I know this would have helped.

Client Center for Configuration Manager is another one of those “how did I manage without this?” tools.  This is the work of a MVP named Roger Zander.  This is another one of those troubleshooting tools that helps you gather up all the details in one place to help you figure out what’s busted and point you in the direction to fixing it.

Here’s another tool, similar to the Client Center for Configuration Manager called the Remote Manage app presented by a company called Cireson and a man named Wally Mead.  Tonnes of useful stuff can be gleaned from the client using this tool and this is the guy who would know best about what to get to help with troubleshooting.

Here’s where I’ll stop for today.  Go check this stuff out, I’ll be doing the same.

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