Toys for Iceland

I bought a Sony Action Cam a couple of years ago to use on my bicycle.  It’s a pretty good camera but a bit underused these days.  With our upcoming Ring Road adventure in Iceland and having seen some really good video compilations done by others I decided to spend a few bucks and buy some Action Cam accessories so I can feel like a proper Spielberg during the trip.

To add to the assorted accessories I already own I bought three new items.  The first item is the must-have Sony Action Cam Monopod.  Not to be confused with a selfie-stick this is clearly a monopod for action.  It’s got a couple of segments that will let me extend it about three and a half feet and it has a spongy hand grip as well as a strap to wrap around my wrist so I don’t drop it into a volcano or geyser.


Item number two is the versatile extended clamp for clamping to such things as internal car fixtures and assorted clamp-able items in nature.  It’s pretty sturdy gear and should be up to the task of providing stable clamp-age.


Item number three should be super fun.  To round off the accessories I bought myself an Action Cam suction cup mount.  This thing is designed to grab securely to flat surfaces like car hoods and fenders.  It’ll either generate some fun footage or we’ll make a stop along the way and wonder where we lost it. : )  Stand by for the action!!


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