Seat Pak by Flight 001

In my never ending quest for interesting gadgets and cool doodads and stuff I recently came across one of those cool “you’ve never heard of these guys before” companies that sells travel items that are just super cool and useful.  The company is called Flight 001 and has locations in all the groovy cities around the world as well as the usual online location.


The item itself is called the F1 Seat Pak and comes in two types, Pro and standard, with eight colour options.  It’s essentially a super handy organizer with assorted pockets to carry all of the critical items the traveler needs close at hand when taking a journey by plane.  Mind you, I can see this being handy for use on the train as well.

What you get is a well made, expandable fabric pouch divided into compartments for typical travel items.  On the back is a larger zippered pocket labelled Jet Comfort where you might store your inflatable neck rest, an eye mask, ear plugs, etc.

Jet Comfort

On the front are three zippered pockets.  The first is labelled Digital for your music player, cell phone, a small camera, etc.  The second is labelled Travel ID for your passport, wallet, customs documents, etc.  The third is labelled Aerostuff and could be used for gum, more earplugs, hand cream/hand sanitizer, etc.

On the end of the bag is a small loop perfect for hooking the bag onto the tray table latch on the seat in front of you while in flight (or on the train) thus providing easy access to all your necessaries without having to dig through a bag in the overhead compartment or strain to reach something from the bag under the seat.


I haven’t had the opportunity to use this yet, I purchased a pair for our upcoming trip to Iceland, but its clear that this is going to be very useful.  I’ll add an update once we get back.

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