Noam Gartenzwerg


Noam Gartenzwerg
Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Pager delivered and we’ve wrapped up all the cat details and headed to the airport. Elke’s Mom is driving us up so we won’t need to worry about transport or where to store the wheels etc. All four of us are excited about the trip to Germany for all sorts of reasons. Noam is looking forward to seeing his homeland and getting a photo or two taken to send to all of his friends back in Canada. He’s probably the most excited of us all, smiles constantly and won’t stop waving. We’re on a direct flight from Ottawa to Frankfurt, thanks AC, but who knows how long before they deem it unprofitable and we have to go back to the trips to TO and Montreal to catch the flight. It’s fantastic to be able to fly out of Ottawa. Elke’s Mom treated us to a delicious pre-flight meal and then we said our good byes had a photo or two taken and passed through customs to the waiting area. The take off was smooth and once we got into the air we settled into seats of average comfort, lucky people who got to sit in the ridiculous “bath tub pods” at the front of the plane. They make me think of the ads with the people afraid to fall so they buy the sit up tubs. Oh well, private tellys for all. Food not bad, flight uneventful, landing smooth and professional, you’d almost think the pilot had done it before. And so began our trip to Germany and the rest of Europe, locations to be determined later.


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