Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

We started the day with a quick German breakfast, Colin is a wreck until he’s had his first cup of coffee, and then off to Nurnberg to take in the sights. The train system in this country is the best, the high speed train here is fantastic and even the “milk run” was fast. We got off at the Hauptbahnhof and walked across the street and into the Altstadt, the old walled city. The city was pretty much flattened in 1945 but many of the original buildings have been rebuilt and its an amazing city. The walls are massive, thick, and most impressive. Its a lot of what you would expect in the typical German city. To the poor folk in Ottawa, the first thing we noticed when we arrived was the sky was blue, no rain clouds in any direction and almost no humidity. We walked through the old city following the directions of the LP walking tour, sort of, with Elke’s knowledge of the city filling in the blanks, for example, where to find the best bratwurst. We took in a walk up to the Konigsburg which looks out onto a beautiful city. We saw quite a lot in a short bit of time and walked until one of us was pretty tired, and then back to Neumarkt.


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