Porsche and Wilhelma Sitting in a Tree


Porsche and Wilhelma Sitting in a Tree
Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Today started out back down at the Wernau train station. Noam came with us with again and was feeling a little silly and giddy (happy to be out and about with us again, I guess). He found a comment written on a wall, motioned towards it, and mentioned that the “author” must have had him in mind when they had written it. Mitch, Colin, Noam and I headed up to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to start our day off with a visit to the Porsche museum. It was great to see but we were a bit disappointed that the new museum was not ready for our viewing pleasure yet. We got a shot of the building under construction. It’s going to be huge compared to the one-room display we got to see. However, it was still an interesting visit. Lots of old and new Porsches, cross-sections of cars, engines, old and new and tons of relevant info. to inform us. A little shop was there, of course, as well. None of us broke down to buy any watches or golf shirts, stickers or handbags though. We then moved on to go check out the Wilhelma which is the Stuttgarter zoo. It’s really beautiful there with lush gardens and lots of animals (of course) to see. The highlight was watching the star of the Wilhelma, Wilbaer the one-year-old ice bear, goof around with his mom. What a kid!! Both spent the whole time horsing around with respective pieces of plastic, throwing it around, trying to grab the pieces away from one another, diving for it, etc. Absolutely adorable! We then headed home, ate a small dinner and then dove into bed. A fun day was had by all.


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