Is That Chocolate I Smell?


Is That Chocolate I Smell?
Waldenbuch, Germany

Waldenbuch, Germany

We set out late again today, the weather looked ugly, but we managed to catch the usual train at the Wernau stop and make our way into Stuttgart where we switched to a S-bahn (essentially the same train as before) and worked our way South of the city towards Waldenbuch. We got as close as we could by train then switched to a bus and at the right curve in the road the driver let us off to walk a few blocks to the factory. You could smell the product in the air, hmmmmmm, chocolate! They mentioned that fact in the guidebook and sure enough, its true. Around the corner you could see the Ritter Sport sign high on the factory and a crowd of schoolkids coming back from a trip to the place where so much tasty stuff is made. We walked just past the factory entrance to the building housing the Ritter Sport museum, another related art museum, a cafe, and the Ritter Sport factory outlet store. We missed out on the factory tour, kids only, but the museum was most enjoyable and gave loads of details on how chocolate is prepared and the care the Ritter Sport people take in preparing some of the tastiest chocolate you can buy anywhere. Speaking of buying, we bought 10.90 euros worth of the stuff which equals 2.2kg or about 15 bars. We’re eating tasty chocolate for the next few train rides I think. After the chocolate was purchased we sat at the outdoor cafe and had some of the best, its all good really, food you can find in Germany. I know it sounds like we’re not doing anything but eat but we’re walking, walking, walking as well. Gotta refuel right?


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