Salzburg, Churchbells in the Morning


Salzburg, Churchbells in the Morning
Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a beautiful place to stop after a day on the trains. We’ve figured out that the best way to find a place, when all you can think of is food or sitting still, is to lock the bags in a locker at the station and find a bed after food. We walked into the Altstadt looking for one of the listed places in the LP guide, stopping but for a moment at another, just long enough to see the line up of American students, all sporting University of Vienna tees, waiting to get a room. We continued up the road and Elke, using her superb German, was able to wrangle us a bed in what looked like the perfect place. A bit smelly, smoking is still cool in Europe, but otherwise a great deal at 65 euros. We took a stroll around after that, stopping to eat, and getting a good look at the altstadt. Remarkable buildings and a huge fortress perched as usual high above. Very cool! We were out until it started to rain then went back to the room, refreshments in hand, to try and find some TdF news and otherwise relax. Asleep around 11:30-ish, to be awoken by voices in the hall. An argument was taking place between the innkeeper and a guest of a guest. The innkeeper was explaining that a single is for one person and the other person would have to leave, the person was not getting the concept, until the mention of police and then it got quiet again. For about an hour it was quiet, then those young American’s began returning to their rooms after having their fill of good Austrian beer, proclaiming to all who would listen, and the rest. This went on until 5-ish at which time the big bells in the church steeple, conveniently situated across a narrow street from our bed, began to call the people to church. There are a lot of churches, all with bells, in Salzburg. So, up we get and out we go. Damn those bells, damn those drunken hooligans, damn them all! We locked our bags up at the station again then went to find eats at a local restaurant. The poor girl waiting tables complained of being overworked. So sad. After food we headed back towards the Altstadt to book a tour. I got to spend a bunch of time in the fantastic military museum in Brussels so Elke gets to go on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, where much of the movie was filmed. Stop laughing Mom. The guy who was the guide for the large bus filled with SofM fans was a hoot. He knew his stuff, and along with Markus, the Austrian driver, took turns singing along, with some of the patrons, to the music piped onto the bus as we drove to each stop. To the house used as the model, then never actually filmed inside, to the convent, the gazebo, and finally to the church where the wedding took place nearby where we had strudel with vanilla sauce and more great coffee. We were dropped off at the hauptbahnhof so we could catch our next train to Innsbruck, enroute to catch up to the Tour.


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