Up Into the Mountains


Up Into the Mountains
Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria

New day, new place – off to Innsbruck. What a picturesque little town. Actually, it’s bigger than we thought it would be but the old town is small. We basically got to our little pension (kind of like a mix between little hostel and b&amp;b), dumped off our stuff and went for a little walk through the town to take a look at the sites and eat some dinner. Mitch had a delicious ratatouille schnitzel (sounds “different” but it was really good) and I had a traditional local dish, a skillet with potatoes, cheese, ham and a fried egg tossed over the whole thing. Hearty Austrian fare. Took a little stroll after that and off to bed (Ikea bunkbed! – no honeymoon suite for us that night :). Oh ya, Mitch wants me to mention the pouring rain. Lots of it. For most of the day. Next day, sun – lots of it. But also tons of tourists in a tiny space. Innsbruck is really beautiful but it must be a thousand times nicer when the high season has ended (or hasn’t started yet). As luck would have it, the sun came out but we’d be spending the entire day on the train. Innsbruck to Zurich, Zurich to Geneva, Geneva to Lyon. Together with train delays, etc., we arrived in Lyon at about ten at night, totally exhausted. Time to book four nights in a decent hotel – and that’s exactly what we did. Goodbye Austria and Switzerland – bonjour France! (Photos to follow – no card reader in this place – and confusing French keyboards to boot) No mountain shots – sorry guys!


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