Lyon, Out of the Rain at Last


Lyon, Out of the Rain at Last
Lyon, France

Lyon, France

After a day of travel, we keep saying never again but it keeps happening, we arrived in Lyon. It was late and dark and we were both pretty much done in by this time so the plan was to go to whatever was close to the station and not worry about the LP suggestions. We walk out the door and all we can see is something flea-baggish called the Hotel Athena and a Raddison in a tower building that stands above all other buildings. We decide to walk through the local mall to the other side and there we find an Ibis. Ibis appears to be the chain in Europe so Ibis it is. We book the room for three days and cancelled the hostel beds. The restaurant was closed but the nice man at the desk directed us to a place around the corner where we had a steak haché with fries. Having a steak done haché style summons all courage as the item on the plate looked like an un-cooked hamburger patty. It tasted ok though. The next day it was up and out for some exploration. We found some food and headed towards the old city in search of old stuff…..Europe seems to have lots of old stuff. We find it in spades. More old excellent buildings although the situation in Lyon gives the appearance of things in need of repair. We wandered around the old town, walked up a crazy set of steps looking for the church on the hill overlooking the city before going back into the city centre to look for food and to rest. It’s sunny and hot in Lyon so our outside time ended in the early evening with a plan to go back up the hill, by tram, and to bring the guide with us. Tour coverage in France is excellent by the way. The start when the race starts and there are almost no ads. After the stage their is a post-stage show that goes over everything and has interviews with all involved. I still have little idea of the overall picture but its still fun to see it when I can. The next day we were back into the old city. This time we stopped at tourist info and got a map so we wouldn’t have to haul the France LP with us, tome that it is. Lyon was a centre for silk weaving back in the 1800’s and to protect the silk while moving it around the city a series of secret tunnels were built. The Resistance used them again during the 1940’s. The tourist ,ap has them marked but we had no luck finding one that was accessible. They want you to pay for a tour to actually see them. We took a fun, quick, ride up the hill in the tram to see the church, currently being cleaned, then walked to see the Roman ruins. The ruins include two ampitheatres actively used for performances. A rock band was busy checking instruments while we looked around. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to rest then gathered dirty underwear and headed back to a netcafe/laundry place to wash and surf. Food followed, pizza this time and Elke had gnocchis.


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