Dijon Poupon


Dijon Poupon
Dijon, France

Dijon, France

O.k., the experience with the Tour was fantastic but we were also lucky to move on to an absolutely amazing little place after that, namely Dijon. Definitely on our “most recommended” list. First of all the hotel: you enter into a beautiful stone and vine-covered courtyard, complete with courtyard restaurant. The room: beautiful old-world wallpaper and antique (in the nicest sense of the word) furniture. Friendly staff to boot. The town: smaller than Lyon but still cosmopolitan. Full of incredible architecture around every corner. Alsacian timber-frame beside art-nouveau beside incredibly old romanesque. Amazing. The Maille factory is also here – the makers of the famous Maille mustard. Another plus: this is the most tourist-friendly place we’ve come across, with free entrance to all major museums (and there are fantastic ones to choose from ranging from the Musee des Beaux Arts with Manets and Monets hanging on its walls to an amazing roman-gallic-celtic archaeological museum), as well as free shuttles to take you around the city. There are also bronze little owls which run along the streets to give you a free tour of all of Dijon’s major attractions, as well as bikes you can pay one euro for for an hour of zipping around the city. Perhaps our favourite son of Ottawa, Larry O., might want to pick up a couple of tips for our beautiful city!


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