Beautiful Nancy


Beautiful Nancy
Nancy, France

Nancy, France

Wow Nancy, what a beautiful city. It’s small but absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in a decent hotel just a stone’s throw (am I infringing on copyrights here J + S?? 🙂 ) away from the main square with its gates of gold and beautiful public buildings. Nancy is known for its beauty, its delicious food and its bergamotte candies. For those wondering what bergamotte really is, it’s a citrus fruit which grows on, amongst other Mediterranean places, the island of Elba. Only one store is apparently allowed to make the famous Bergamotte (with two t’s – the second t distinguishes them from other wannabe’s) candy. A box of their goodies was featured in the film “Amelie” and since both Mitch and I loved the movie, a box was bought. They’re being brought home for anyone who’s interested to sample 🙂 We spent most of the 26th and 27th wandering the streets, admiring the scenery, snapping tons of pics and yes, eating excellent food. We both have to admit that although we’re now in excellent cardiovascular shape and have the strongest of legs, our general “silhouette” has changed a lot less than we would have liked!! Oh well, there are always the bikes when we get home (and lots of crunches). Famous stores in Nancy include not only the Bergamotte candy store (the name escapes me at the moment) but also Daum and Baccarat, the one known for its great glass pieces and the other, of course, for its extremely expensive crystal pieces. The cheapest piece was a, dare I say it, rather tacky looking little butterly piece selling for about 130 Euros (more than 200$ Canadian) and not much to show for it. Matter of taste I guess! Other things to mention: the fantastic art-nouveau architecture which dots the city, more dog poo around than we would have liked to see (had some dodging to do on a fairly regular basis – “Elke, watch out!!”) and a pub which served over 150 types of beer. I enjoyed yet another flavoured beer (cassis from Belgium) and Mitch had his trip favourite – a Leffe (also Beligian). After having paid, I asked whether they had any Canadian beers in their huge assortment and they said they had one, Maudite. Of course, it would be a heavy-duty Quebec beer (they had a lot of higher percentage brands in their vaults). Last highlight = an excellent light show in the evening in the main town square. Fantastic! With lots of different classical pieces to accompany the show, they managed to convey a nice chunk of French history in a visually extremely captivating way. Well worth the wait (began at around 10 pm and lasted about half an hour). Nancy was well worth the visit.


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